Project Description

Toll is Australia’s largest express pallet carrier having been established in 1888.

Toll’s existing facility at Eastern Creek consists of 13,400sqm of warehouse space used for the receipt, organisation and redistribution of palletized freight on hundreds of trucks for daily delivery throughout Australia.

The works were carried out without any disruption to the ongoing business activities of Toll which was challenging as one end of the existing warehouse had to be removed and modified along with the main truck entry into the site being widened for the construction of a new slip lane.

Project Features

  • Fibre reinforced concrete slabs
  • Energy saving LED light fittings
  • Occupied facility
  • High end joinery
  • Extensive landscaped areas

Project Size

- 13,400sqm warehouse, additional 8,000sqm warehouse, 300sqm dock office and 6,130sqm of hardstand


23 weeks



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