Project Description

The ILG Project is the new head office, warehouse and distribution facility for Independent Liquor Group.

The building comprises of 1,850sqm of office and 13,750sqm of warehouse storage. The office frontage is the most striking feature of the facility, propped 5 metres off the ground floor car park by integrated feature columns.

The client focus was the warehouse slabs as their previous facility encountered differential settlement at control joints; to address this concern a post tensioned slab on ground was placed over 110mm of cement stabilized sub-base and joints were fully armored.

The external hardstands are surrounded by landscaping to the perimeter the site, with more extensive planting and turf to the site frontage.

Project Features

  • 13,750sqm warehouse; 1,850sqm office
  • 110mm of cement sub-base to stabilize ground slab
  • Facade has integrated feature columns
  • Extensive external hardstand and landscaping
  • Large commercial kitchen

Project Size

13,750 sqm warehouse and 1,850 sqm office


51 weeks



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