Project Description

A city icon, Darling Park was earmarked for a major upgrade at the end of a lease cycle. A tender process saw FDC chosen to deliver Tranche 1, the stripout and refurbishment of the upper levels of the building, plus a massive upgrade of the building mechanical and electrical services, designed to improve the amenity and meet the sustainability agenda of the owners.

There were significant logistic and engineering complexities which were thoughtfully researched and cleverly resolved. The success of this first phase was evident by the recent awarding of Tranche 2 to FDC. This project, when complete, will be the largest single building refurbishment project undertaken by FDC.

Project Features

  • Combined stages 1-3 body of works
  • Base building refurbishment
  • Stripout and refurbishment of tenancy floors
  • Upgrade of mechanical and electrical services
  • Plant room upgrade
  • Basement works

Project Size



64 weeks in total (3 Stages)


Darling Park

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