Adam Towner (300 x 375)

Adam brings an impressive 20+ years’ experience in the construction sector and has earned an enviable reputation as an industry leader with a particular emphasis on strategic vision. His experience in design has been essential in overseeing Business Strategy & Pre-Construction and he thrives on the constant challenge of instilling first class support and high levels of service in our team.

Adam knows and understands operational management, design management and project management thoroughly having held the position of General Manager in large-scale construction businesses previously. He also knows the intricacies, scope of works and strategic planning associated with project construction and the ability to develop close associations and subsequent friendships with clients.

Highly skilled in managing, coaching and developing staff, he is a strong communicator who demonstrates clarity of vision, enthusiasm and confidence. Adam has overseen substantial new business growth across the portfolio of numerous construction sectors as part of a senior executive team.

In 2015, Adam was the Design Executive for the $489 million Building the Education Revolution Schools Program, where he implemented a design management plan that brought consulting resources into one central design office, which greatly improved the speed and efficiency of the design process.

Adam is immensely proficient and gets lots of satisfaction working alongside professional people. Working with FDC gives him an opportunity to be a part of an innovative construction company with a reputation for world-class projects, excellent client support and outstanding results.