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FDC’s Charity Committee recently acquired a hoist for Nadrasca, Victoria, that will allow Nadrasca clients to enjoy hydrotherapy in the in-house pool.

Established in 1967, Nadrasca’s purpose is to establish and develop a range of services and provide employment opportunities for people with disabilities. Currently over 350 people with a disability have been given employment opportunities, and Nadrasca directly employs approximately 150 permanent, part time and casual staff across their services to assist their clients.

Services include :-

  • Nadrasca Industry: A Disability Supported Employment Service
  • Community Options: Day programs & activities for persons with significant disabilities
  • Accommodation Services: 24 hour care and independent living as well as recreational and holiday programs
  • Seniors @ Nadrasca

The hoist was presented to Nadrasca at the end of March at a ceremony addressed by Nadrasca’s General Manager, Raeoni Turner, at which there was a demonstration by Nadrasca’s client, Wayne, who used the hoist to exit the Witt Street pool. Before the installation of the hoist, Wayne had been unable to access the hydrotherapy pool for five years; now both he and the staff are very excited that he is again able to use this facility again.

FDC staff were also given a tour of Nadrasca’s head office and the warehouse where clients carry out their work activities: everything from filling up jars with McCormack dried herbs to pulling apart Telstra rental phones for recycling.