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FDC is nearing completion of the new Ronald McDonald House, Westmead (NSW).

Many seriously ill children require specialist treatment from hospitals such as The Children’s Hospital at Westmead. In this challenging time, Ronald McDonald Houses (RMH) provide a place for the family to call home, to be in close proximity to the support and treatment that their child requires. Families are provided with home-cooked meals, private bedrooms and playrooms for children, to assist in making a difficult time as comfortable as possible.

Due to be operational in early 2018, the House will triple its current capacity and cater for up to 60 families at any one time and more than 1,300 families per year. The House currently turns away 400 families each year; with the construction of the new facility, FDC hopes to cater to the current need and prepare for future growth. RMH Westmead will contain private bathrooms, a learning centre, kitchens and meeting spaces. As some treatments require isolation, the House has been designed to accommodate for these situations by including fully self-contained units separate from the rest of the house.