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‘Circus of Light’, a collaboration between futurespace, FDC Construction and Fitout, FDC Technologies, Haron Robson, Dynalite/Phillips, JSB Lighting, KKDC, CULT and The Lighting Guild has debuted at this year’s Vivid Sydney.

The installation was initially conceived by futurespace’s Senior Designers, Griffen Lim and Maggie McFadyen, and is a collection of suspended plate forms that glow from within, inviting you to engage with the installation. Whirling forms and changing colours transform the site into a dynamic space that draws you closer.

The spun-aluminium forms conceal an LED light source that creates a continuous glow. The ‘plate’ appears to spin to 360 degrees and tilt up to 90 degrees; the installation continuously changes depending on your viewing perspective. Additional ‘plate’ forms populate the space, creating a dense field of play. These plate forms are lightweight, allowing them to respond to weather conditions, moving and swaying in the breeze.

The surrounding architecture becomes an illuminated backdrop, throwing the installation into sharp relief and becoming part of the artwork. The experience is supplemented by the audio overlay of a circus soundscape.

‘Circus of Light’ is located adjacent to Cadman’s Cottage, The Rocks from 23 May