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Training is a multi-faceted tool and at FDC we aim to provide a range of opportunities for staff depending on their role, rank, service and existing skill set.  It is pleasing to review our staff and see many with long careers at FDC, many of which have progressed through the ranks over the years.
A training matrix exists for us to ascertain the respective achievements of each person, whilst divisional managers aim to set goals for staff so some degree of personal development can be secured each and every year.  Training spans a wide spectrum, including:

Tertiary education - FDC has supported, to varying degrees, the further education of selected staff who show great promise and ability.

Specific courses - We support courses with specific relevance to our industry and future, such as the Green Star Professional course with the GBCA, White Card course at the MBA and various other occupational, industrial and safety training sessions.

Generic courses - Across a wide range of skills such as managing technology, time, meetings, people, risks, suppliers, disputes and contracts.

Site experience - For many, site experience is limited, so where feasible, we aim to base some staff on site for large or longer projects, exposing them to the real challenges of building and site management.

Personal mentoring - As with all firms, there are people with extensive experience in certain areas of expertise.  Where feasible, we aim to decant some of that expertise through a mentoring program.  This can be short or long term in duration and may cross borders between FDC divisions.
Approximately every 18 months, FDC hold a group training conference, targeting issues of importance to us, our industry and our market.  It usually is teamed with physical activities and creative thinking.
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